Our exhibition space is free to visit and shares stories of County Durham’s varied and exciting past throughout its full history. 

Meet individuals who have left their mark on the county and explore their life stories using our records and collections. Discover the global connections County Durham has and witness how its landscapes have been transformed through time. 

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Encounter unusual and unexpected items – objects shaped by conflict, treasures recovered from the ground, and documents that mark moments in time. Our digital interactives will help you step into the past and explore our collections like never before.

Learn about the people of the county’s past and how they lived, worked, celebrated, and commemorated. We’ll show you how you can explore your own deep and exciting stories of the county as we continue to make history every day.

The Forgotten Battle

In April 1942 the 2nd Battalion of the Durham Light Infantry were sent from the UK to ‘Destination X’. Little did they know that their service in South-East Asia would later see them involved in one of the most severe and brutal conflicts of the Second World War.

The story of the Battle of Kohima and its legacy, highlights how our local regiment connects County Durham with a far bigger story, spanning continents, decades, and generations. 

Visit us between 14 June – October 2024 to see our Exhibition on The Forgotten Battle.

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